Different frameworks, different goals?

This week (or the last week, I can’t remember) was the React.js Conf. One of the talk there was from Ryan Florence and if you didn’t have the chance yet to see his presentation, do it

It shows a lot of neat features about React.

One thing that caught my eyes happens right at the start of Ryan’s presentation. He compares performance between Ember, Angular and React. That portion is about 1 minute long.

For those of you who don’t want to watch the video, here’s the TL;DR:

Ryan has 3 windows with pretty much the same code except 1 runs on Ember, the other on Angular and the last on React. And there’s like 100 lines that updates and sort in real time. And here’s the – not so obvious – punch:

React beats the shit out of ember and angular.

Obviously, react wins. It’s a React conference! But what’s going to happen in X months when Angular and Ember showcase their own benchmark at their conference?

Will React underperform in the competitive benchmark? And if not, does that mean that React has won? I mean, isn’t responsiveness a necessity for a JavaScript framework?

Every framework claims ease of use for their own use case

Every framework out there claims that you can build complex application with their solution. They did themselves, so why couldn’t you? And I believe them. I believe they think their solution is easy to use. But what does that mean, to the rest of us that faces the challenge of choosing a framework for our project?

Is there a risk that you pick wrong? Does it matter?

Well, if you look at the benchmark Ryan showed at React.js Conf, you chose wrong if you didn’t pick React. He didn’t say it, but he implied it. And if React is really superior to everything that existed before it, how long do you think it will take before another framework rises as the king of the mountain?

And then, everyone who chose React will have chosen wrong. There’s no reason why it won’t happen.

Instead of going for the right choice, why don’t you look at what you can’t do and look at the frameworks that does it for you. If any.

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