This blog runs on Ruby on Rails.

My blogging experience really took off this past summer. Before that, I made countless attempts at blogging and always failed miserably. Through my experiences, I tried different solutions: Wordpress, Jekyll, Ghost, Blogger, Medium, etc.

While my failures at blogging were irrelevant to the software I was using, each solution always had some quirks. Some lacked a good editor, some lacked flexibility. So I've set myself to write my own engine. It's certainly not perfect, but it's the one I've been the most comfortable to work with.

For the last 2 months, pothibo.com is powered by Ecrire, a blogging engine I wrote. Why am I telling you all this? Because as of today, I feel that Ecrire is ready for others to use.

What Ecrire is

Ecrire is a blog engine built on top of Ruby on Rails. It's built for people who know how to write HTML and that wants to have their little corner of the web personalized to them.

It's an hybrid between Wordpress and Jekyll with influence from the new Ghost platform.

The Editor

Because Ecrire is aimed at developers, you write your post using HTML. The reason why I chose HTML over Markdown is simple: HTML is much more flexible than Markdown will ever be. In addition to HTML, Ecrire let you write your own CSS and Javascript that will be rendered alongside your post.

This means you can personalize every post the way you want.

Influenced by Ghost, Ecrire comes with live preview that is side by side with your editor. That means that you see how your blog will look like as you type it. It also uses the same stylesheet that is used when showing a published post which means that what you see in the preview is identical to what you will get once published.

You need an image for a post? With Ecrire, you simply need to drag and drop the image and it will be automatically uploaded to S3.

Do you need to include a code snippet? Engine uses Prism.js that performs code highlighting so out of the box, you can write code snippet like this one:

puts 'Hello World!'


Writing is not all there is to blogging. Your blog should personalized who you are. Themes are structured in Ecrire to empower you to create or modify themes with little efforts.

If you're used to Rails development, Ecrire won't come as a surprise as it uses the same view/partials structure.

Start writing today

You may have tried blogging a few times and always gave up. Blogging isn't easy. I built this blog engine to try to make things easier for you. So if you've wanted to start again, Ecrire might be for you.

Give it a try!

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