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Not everything can be solved by looking at the guide or browsing Stack Overflow. Here I share all the tips and ideas that I come across while working on projects. Whether you are new to Rails or a seasoned developer, you'll find ideas to help you solve your problems in your projects.

MePier-Olivier Thibault

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  1. Apr 2015
    Responsive CSS with Sprockets
  2. Mar 2015
    Twitter and Facebook buttons with Turbolinks
  3. Mar 2015
  4. Mar 2015
  5. Mar 2015
    First step when building a markdown editor
  6. Feb 2015
    This JSON era is bullshit
  7. Feb 2015
    Different frameworks, different goals?
  8. Jan 2015
    The web needs a new textarea
  9. Dec 2014
    Losing context with JSON
  10. Nov 2014
    Rails developers, you can create awesome web app, too!

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